$SNOW ❄️ Liquidity Mining Forecast

☃️ TLDR:

  • Third SNOW Airdrop on October 31st, 4 AM UTC (Oct 30th, 9pm PST)
  • New staking pools: ySnow, ycrvSnow, SNOW, wBTC, OUSD
  • Deactivated pools: ySnow/SNOW Uni LP; ycrvSnow/SNOW Uni LP
  • Launch date: October 29th, 3 PM UTC

Third SNOW Airdrop ❄️ (recap)

☃️ Liquidity Mining Update

❄️ Single-asset pools

  • Incentivize inflow of liquidity
  • Eliminate the impermanent loss experienced by users with the existing pools
  • Attract new users to the platform
  • Create liquidity for future integrations
  • ySnow — Jack Frost’s Pool;
  • ycrvSnow — Santa’s Pool.

❄️ Deactivated pools

☃️ SNOW Token Distribution Schedule

Token Distribution Schedule (Recap)

SNOW tokens distribution schedule:

  • Weeks 3–4: 1,600 SNOW tokens daily
  • Weeks 5–6: 1,200 SNOW tokens daily
  • Weeks 7–8: 800 SNOW tokens daily
  • Weeks 9–10: 600 SNOW tokens daily
  • Weeks 11–13: 400 SNOW tokens daily
  • Weeks 14–52: 200 SNOW tokens daily



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