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First off, a heartfelt thank you from us to our loyal community. We appreciate the support from our long-term believers who stuck with us through some of the ups and downs of the past weeks. We have received some critical feedback and recognize that mistakes were made. It is not always possible to please everyone, although we do want to meet loyal community members halfway (and beyond!) however possible.

We are reaching out to previous supporters who were disadvantaged as a result of the quadratic distribution. We are offering a new 3% LP initiative and we invite former LPs to…

SnowSwap is proud to announce our partnership with Moonwhale to help scale into South-East Asia

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About Moonwhale 🐋

Moonwhale invests, incubates, and supports projects by orchestrating access to the Southeast Asia markets via strategic introductions to partners, top 100 market cap projects, tier-1 exchanges, media, and liquidity providers.

Moonwhale has incubated a number of successful projects including Avalanche, Celsius Network, and Super Farm.

The partnership with Moonwhale unlocks SouthEast Asia, allowing SnowSwap to 3x our total addressable market.

Welcome onboard Moonwhale!

❄️ SnowSwap Social Media:

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So the beginning of February seems super exciting with all of the top rankings that MILK2 and SHAKE have achieved. CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap and other major platforms are acknowledging the success of SpaceSwap.

However, the skyrocketing price is the result of a profound amount of work that our development and marketing teams have put in. They not only invented Shadow Staking, they also made sure the word was spread.

And when I say invented I really mean it. Shadow Staking technology is the new word in the DeFi industry. It is what keeps your LP tokens safely stored in your wallet.

What is SnowSwap?

SnowSwap taps into Chainlink’s highly secure and fault-tolerant oracles to advance its yVault, ETH2, and other yield-bearing token swap services.

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We’re excited to announce that SnowSwap has integrated the Chainlink Fast Gas Oracle on mainnet into all of our new rewards distribution geysers. The integration allows stakers to deposit and withdraw using Chainlink’s decentralized fast gas price oracle as a reference to ensure they are properly accounting for current Ethereum network fees when moving between yield generation strategies on SnowSwap.

SnowSwap is a decentralized exchange that employs farming rewards to generate yield for liquidity providers. Users can swap stablecoin tokens…

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We’re super excited to announce that SnowSwap added 4 new hires to the family that has been fully onboarded over the past 2 weeks. Our team includes a senior-full stack developer, front-end developer, QA/ Support, and CMO!

Meet the new hires

Snowswap allows aETH holders to benefit from high APY by becoming liquidity providers in the eth2SNOW pool which combines aETH by Ankr CRETH2 by CREAM and wETH.

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Solving liquidity challenges with aETH

While the Ethereum 2.0 launch presents major opportunities to early adopters, the staked assets get locked in the network until at least phase 1.5 is released (which can take up to several years!), stripping investors from any rewards for that period of time.

Luckily, you don’t have to wait that long for your rewards with Ankr Staking newly introduced aETH bond-like token allows users to stake Eth2 and…

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Update 10/29/20

Updated ETA on OUSD staking pool is within ~4 days, as both Origin & SnowSwap teams need to update and test the smart contracts before we can launch the pool. We’re working closely with Origin team to make sure your funds will be safe.

The 4% of SNOW rewards will still be dedicated to OUSD stakers, so the per-block reward will effectively be higher due to the shortened campaign.

Update 10/28/20

Given the feedback on our LM update and an overwhelming majority Community Vote:

A 1.5x bonus multiplier will be applied for 2 weeks for all deposits in…

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Update 10/28/2020 4:20pm PST

Given the feedback on our LM update and an overwhelming majority Community Vote:

A 1.5x bonus multiplier will be applied for 2 weeks for all deposits in the SNOW/ETH pool on Oct 31 4am UTC to compensate for the deactivated pools. That would make things “fair” for LPs in the deactivated pools if they wanted to continue their LP.

☃️ TLDR:

  • Third SNOW Airdrop on October 31st, 4 AM UTC (Oct 30th, 9pm PST)
  • New staking pools: ySnow, ycrvSnow, SNOW, wBTC, OUSD
  • Deactivated pools: ySnow/SNOW Uni LP; ycrvSnow/SNOW Uni LP
  • Launch date: October 29th, 3 PM UTC

Third SNOW Airdrop ❄️ (recap)


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UPDATED (10/14th): Changed staking pools from ySNOW to ySNOW-SNOW UNI V-2 LP and from ycrvSNOW to ycrvSNOW-SNOW UNI V-2 LP.

First and foremost, we would like to thank our community for participating in the launch of the SnowSwap platform with $16 million+ in assets deposited.

In order to further incentivize the bootstrapping of liquidity and development of the SnowSwap decentralized community, we are thrilled to announce the official launch of the initial $SNOW ❄️ Liquidity Mining Program on October 14th at 9:00 PM PST!

Liquidity Mining Program summary:

  • $SNOW ❄️ rewards pool: 150,000 SNOW (30% of total SNOW supply)
  • Program Duration: 1 year (9:00…

Announcing SnowSwap’s governance token

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We are excited to announce SNOW, the governance token for SnowSwap, which will be used to bootstrap liquidity as well as to organize and incentivize the community around the protocol.

UPDATES (10/9): Added SNOW token contract address: 0xfe9a29ab92522d14fc65880d817214261d8479ae

UPDATES (10/1): Modified split of 7% early rewards (4% pre-announcement, 3% post) and allocated 1% for trading incentives. You asked, we listened!


  • Initial retroactive distribution to early adopters will be on October 8th
  • Fair launch with no premine; 80% of tokens distributed to liquidity providers with 7% distributed retroactively to early LPs and users;
  • 2% of tokens…


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